New Forest Wildlife

Early morning walks in the New Forest and surrounding farms never fail to deliver. The wildlife is everywhere around you, watching your every move, even when you can’t see them.

My daily visitor

Having been inspired by a video of somebody building a hide at the end of their garden I set out to create a lazy version of my own. The chair on the patio, a log from the woods, a few handful of bird food and a camouflage cover for my lens. Then for the difficult part – sit and wait. Over the last two weeks loads of birds have visited whilst I was looking through the window but once I go outside with the camera I am limited to this chap who never fails to pop by and say hi.

Enjoying the wildlife on your doorstep

The blue tits have been very active this spring and yesterday they brought their new chicks down from the nest and feed them in the tree next to the patio. I’m not sure wether all this wildlife was as active pre lockdown or wether we are now taking the time to stop and enjoy watching it. Either way, it is a joy to watch.

To edit or not to edit?

As Travel Photographers and Wildlife Photographers we face a dilemma. We want to record what we see and offer the best representation to our followers but we also want to produce the biggest impact with our work.

The leopard in the tree with the washed out sky in the background is the true representation of what I saw. I sat in a boat on the Chobe river for hours waiting for the sunset to change the sky or the leopard to move and offer a better back drop, but no, she was happy sitting against the African bleached out skyline whilst her cub (in the bottom photo) played along the river bank.

The top photo, with the replacement sky has been one of my most successful photos in competition, it is a true representation of the leopard – but not the African skyline along the Chobe river.

Which is best, what is right, how much editing should we do? What are your thoughts – all criticism welcome!

Chasing the dragonfly…

Somedays you can sit and wait all day for the Kingfishers to come to your hide but luckily nature brings its own entertainment to keep you busy. In this case it was dragon flies galore.

All taken with a Canon 6DII & 100mm to 400mm with a 2x adaptor at 800mm