Mallorca sunshine

Eight days of walking the Camino de Santiago from St Jean teaches you one clear thing, it teaches you that 8 days is not enough. The entire trail will take around 33 days, we planned to do it section by section, one year at a time but at the end of stage one you are left wishing you, like all the others you have met on the route, are continuing to the end.

The views, the tranquility and the companionship you experience whilst walking is uplifting. In these modern times we move at such a pace and every detail of our lives feels disproportionally important. When you walk the Camino everything falls back into perspective. For the next 6 or 7 hours you will walk at your own pace, you will interact with those who pass you or those you pass. Some will be sharing a simple dorm with you tonight, some you will see on the road tomorrow – but you are all travelling together, in the same direction.

Refreshed and fired up by the experience I can’t wait to tackle the rest of the walk, but I suspect that the perfect weather did help to keep my attitude positive. Big tip: avoid the rainy season!

Camino de Santiago

Somedays you can sit and wait all day for the Kingfishers to come to your hide but luckily nature brings its own entertainment to keep you busy. In this case it was dragon flies galore.

All taken with a Canon 6DII & 100mm to 400mm with a 2x adaptor at 800mm

Chasing the dragonfly…

The wild and competitive sport of Soapbox racing, flying down Castle Hill in Farnham, UK. A great event for competitors and spectators who braved the showers to watch and support this event.

#farnhamsoapbox @farnhamsoapbox

Soapbox racing at Farnham, UK