New Forest Wildlife

Early morning walks in the New Forest and surrounding farms never fail to deliver. The wildlife is everywhere around you, watching your every move, even when you can’t see them.

Sunsrise and Sunsets

Some early starts and late finishes have delivered some lovely sunrise and sun sets over the forest. The heather and the ponds make for great foregrounds, now I just need a well positioned pony in the picture but they are less predictable.

After the storms….

These photos are taken in the northern part of Hampshire’s New Forest and show the after effects of the storms that have hit us in July 2021. The sodden ground and the cloudy skies have typified this months walks across the forest.

My daily visitor

Having been inspired by a video of somebody building a hide at the end of their garden I set out to create a lazy version of my own. The chair on the patio, a log from the woods, a few handful of bird food and a camouflage cover for my lens. Then for the difficult part – sit and wait. Over the last two weeks loads of birds have visited whilst I was looking through the window but once I go outside with the camera I am limited to this chap who never fails to pop by and say hi.

Four seasons, one lens.

Four seasons through my one lens is my collection of photographs depicting a year in photography and covers not only the four seasons but the disciplines of travel, sport and landscape photography.

True Colours

Whilst we are in lockdown 2 and unable to play golf we are definitely missing the courses at their most colourful. What better time than now to walk the course with a camera bag rather than the normal golf bag? These were taken at East Berkshire Golf Course in Crowthorne, UK when the afternoon sun starts to throw the long shadows down the fairways.